Solving problems, helping businesses to grow and teams to thrive are the things that make me excited about being a Designer.

About me

A little bit about myself

Hello, my name is Guilherme (it's pronounced gee-erm-e) and I’m a Designer. For more than 15 years now I’ve been working for many great companies and projects.

I believe Design is a key factor for products and services to truly succeed. As a Designer I try to connect people, techniques and tools to deliver value, regardless of the constraints and difficulties. I've started working back in the day when designing for the web was a really tough job and I feel humbled of witnessing and adapting to such an amazing evolution of tools, processes and technologies. Also, I've been there while the Designer's role evolved inside companies, from pixel pushers to real problem solvers.

I consider myself a full stack Designer but my main areas of expertise are building successful Design teams and connecting processes and Design methods to solving complex product challenges. For the past 4 years, I’ve been working as a Design Manager at HelloFresh in Berlin, Germany.

My love and passions: My lovely daughter and wife, my fussy dog, drawing, enjoying coffee and good books and, every now and then, go for a bike ride, if the weather helps.