Modern sales methodologies for B2B software organizations

fourletter needed a redesign that'd reflect their modern approach to sales for software companies and also boost up their lead collection pipeline.

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    Web design, Illustrations, Icons, Front-end code

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  • fourLetter's CEO Josh Jordan reached me looking for a redesign for his company's website. The previous website was not performing very well and the brand was not represented properly. My approach was to understand the main business gaps that the website could fulfill. I worked closely with Josh and his team to build the new content and wrap it around a cohesive and modern design that'd reflect the very nature of his business, which is providing modern sales techniques and tools to high tech software companies.

  • What went right

    The website was redesigned and launched in 30 days or so which was even faster then the initial estimate.

  • What went wrong

    I've implemented the website using a static site generator (Jekyll). This gave me a lot of speed but it doesn't provide an easy way for the client to update the website. I'm currently testing out some tools to solve that problem.


The starting point for the page designs

Page designs




Working with a client that provided me all the necessary content, and that had a very clear vision of what they want was key for this project's success. Another aspect of this collaboration was that the entire work was done remotely and it didn't affect at all our schedule or the quality of the final product.

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