Modern, world-class sales training

preHIRED is a training program that teaches young and smart people modern startup sales techniques and get them hired in no time

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    Branding, Web design, Illustrations, Icons, Front-end code

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  • After redesigning, Josh Jordan reached me with a new business idea. preHIRED was taking shape in his mind and an important part of that new endeavor was to build a website that'd reflect his vision and also that'd be effective on bringing qualified leads.

  • What went right

    We had a tight schedule to launch the website and we were able to work incrementally releasing fixes and improvements almost in a daily basis.

  • What went wrong

    We struggled a bit getting the SEO and some other optimizations right so the website could work as a performant lead collector.

“We generated 892 leads and over $25k in revenue in our first month! Thanks Guilherme!”

Josh Jordan - Founder & CEO @ preHIRED


Logo studies (chosen one in black)
Final logo
Color palette


Illustrations play a very important role at preHIRED website, making the content and the business intents more compeling.


"A day as a software analyst" illustrations

Illustrations designed to show the perks and benefits of working as a sales analyst on startups


The company reported great results from this website. Not only the business was launched successfully but it exceeded all the expectations on lead numbers and initial revenue. It was amazing to see how well our incremental approach worked!

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