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Scrapinghub's new website was designed to increase lead collection and also to make all the company's services and products in evidence.

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    Web design, Illustrations, Icons, Front-end code

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  • The problem

    Scrapinghub is a high tech company working with super complex and modern development technologies. Their website should be able to reflect that. Our main goal was to attract more people to their products and services and also displaying the various open source projects and also quality content about the company's culture and vision.

  • What went right

    We were succesfull on increasing the numbers of platform signups and also the number of quote request submissions.

  • What went wrong

    For internal reasons I didn't have help from a copywriter to redesign the content. There're still large chunks of text that could be changed and make the website slickier.

Previous version

The previous version had large chunks of copy and a heavy color palette.


Lighter color schemes, illustrations and icons to make content more digestable and optimized for mobile devices

After the redesign, there was an 18% increase on the quote request submissions, resulting in more qualified leads and therefore, more deals closed by the Sales team.




One big constraint on this project was the inability to make copy changes. I had to work with the exact same copy as the previous version (for some internal reasons). That could have a huge impact on the designs since one of the biggest problems with the previous versions was that they were super content heavy and people were just dropping off from the website without even getting to the most important areas (platform and services). So I tried to mitigate that using a more compelling layout structure and also adding images to balance the copy. Also, the navigation was improved so the platform pages could be reachable with fewer clicks.

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